Heal your Gut to Heal your Mind

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The Facts:

Comes in three sizes: 3oz, 8oz and 32 oz

Price: $14.95-$69.95

Ingredients: carbon rich, alkaline liquid, with lignite derived trace organics and essential trace amino acids.

Directions for use: one teaspoon three times per day

  • Promotes Balanced Gut Health
  • Supports Respiratory Wellness
  • Promotes Balanced Immune Function
  • Support from Environmental Exposures
  • Enhances Mental Clarity

Many supplements are difficult to review because you really can’t tell the difference in your health whether you take them or not. Restore is one of the few that I actually notice and has made a big difference in my gut and mental health.

More and more evidence is being released from the scientific community connecting the gut to mood and mental health. Emotions and thoughts we always associate with our brains are actually the result of our bodily systems as a whole.

Something called leaky gut is a term passed around a lot. Whether you want to call it that, call it healthy gut bacteria or something else, what you eat and how your body processes it are the first steps towards a healthy and happy existence. While I don’t have celiac disease, from a young age I noticed that I had some sort of reaction to gluten. Whenever I would eat white bread I would get the hiccups for hours. As a teenager I noticed that every time I ate it I would feel tired and depressed the rest of the day. Last year I mostly gave up eating gluten, but I started noticing that whenever I would eat it I got a painful feeling in my side. This got worse and worse and even when I stopped eating gluten it would still happen whenever I ate.

I got a small bottle of Restore to try and started taking it two or three times a day. Within a week I started to feel better. Now it’s one of my essential daily supplements, I just put some of it in a glass of water twice a day. It has no taste which makes it really easy to take. The pain in my side is completely gone and I can get away with occasionally eating a real muffin.

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  1. BingC July 8, 2017 4:30 am

    Hi, I can tell you like and recommend Restore, but did you compare t with another product by any chance? Thanks for the review. I might try it. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and changing my diet helped a lot, but supplementing it with Restore might help even better.

    • Laurel July 8, 2017 11:06 pm

      I have tried trace mineral products, which I’m sure are good for you, but the crucial ingredient in Restore is the lignite. I haven’t looked for any other products containing lignite, but I will check it out!

  2. Melanie July 8, 2017 4:36 am

    Thank you for this review. I think it is great for people who suffer from chronic stomach issues. I have issues with my gut and this will definitely be something for me to try in the future. I’ll keep your page saved for when I am ready. I like that it doesn’t have a taste. This helps. Anyhow, thanks for this review.

  3. Chappy July 8, 2017 5:23 am

    Sounds great! I think I will tell my doctors and see if it is something I can take.

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