The Subtle Joy of Scent


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VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser

Price: $29.99 with Prime membership

Comes in a variety of colors

7 LED light colors with dim and bright options

4 Time Settings: 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours and continuous

2 options of mist: strong and standard

Automatically turns off when water runs out, lasts 6-8 hours. 


Every time I get a massage and enjoy the aromas of the essential oils they use, I think to myself that I should buy an essential oil diffuser. So when I moved into my new place a few months ago I decided to finally get one as a housewarming gift to myself.

I wanted to find one that both worked really well and looked beautiful, so I chose the VicTsing 300ml model.

This company has a few different shapes and colors, so depending on your particular aesthetic you might like one of the other looks better.

I use the diffuser about four times a week and it works perfectly. Every time I come home I look forward to picking out a scent. The water lasts a long time, the scent covers a large area and the lights are really neat looking at night. The scents help me relax, go to sleep or feel energized, whichever I am looking for. I’ve gotten many compliments about it when friends come to visit.

I chose this set of essential oils by Radha Beauty Products along with the diffuser, which I love. The box they come in is really pretty and I like having the variety all together to choose from. The scents are all really lovely, including ylang ylang, rosemary, geranium and cinnamon. Overall the diffuser has been a great addition to my bedroom. I have heard that certain models need to be cleaned often or break very quickly, but I haven’t had those issues with this one.

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