How to Reduce Cortisol Naturally

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Your cortisol levels may be too high if you feel stressed or tired, you gain weight without changing anything in your diet or workout.
Commonly called the primary stress hormone, our bodies release cortisol when we are in stressful and overwhelming situations. Cortisol contributes to acne development, high blood pressure, weight gain and a number of other negative effects.
Here are some of the natural solutions that can lower your cortisol.

Follow a whole food or anti-inflammatory diet

Do you know that high levels of blood sugar and inflammation can boost hormonal imbalances like cortisol? If your blood glucose is a bit high, it can contribute to the level of your cortisol. This is why following an anti-inflammatory diet will help balance your hormones. Make sure it is low in any processed food but high in fiber, antioxidants, and ingredients from the Earth. This can help control your cravings and get you on the right track.
This will also help you to maintain an ideal weight, boost your energy, and help you have a better sleep. Whether you have gained unwanted weight or have a hard time sleeping at night, an anti-inflammatory diet best suits your needs.

Reduce and Manage Stress

Stress is associated with many health problems. It has the power to increase heart rate, pain, muscle tension, and breathing which can lead to loss of appetite and other sleep-related dilemmas.
Fortunately, the following stress relievers are effective and efficient in lowering your level of cortisol.


  • Meditation

Also known as mindfulness, meditation can help train the brain as well as body to withstand any stress. All of these benefits happen without affecting concentration or alertness. Based on different studies, meditation for a few minutes each day can provide a significant reduction in cortisol and stress-related diseases. Taking advantage of meditative methods can also help improve mental and physical health while making your immune system stronger.

  • Acupuncture

This has been a trusted treatment for thousands of years. It helps control stress as well as reduce symptoms such as headaches and joint pain in a more natural manner.

  • Exercise on a regular basis

With regular exercise you can manage stress, help control metabolic functions, balance hormones and sleep better. However, never over-train yourself as it can just increase the level of your cortisol rather than lower it.

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