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The perfect tools are those that seamlessly integrate into your life to the point where you forget they are even there.

Scroll through Kickstarter today and you will see all sorts of planners attempting to change your life and organize your goals into actions. Although I’m sure many of these planners work well, I choose to stick with the one that started it all, Passion Planner. Many of the other ones out there are simply copy-cats, riding on the wave of the life planner movement begun in 2013 by Angelia Trinidad.

The concept of Passion Planner is simple. You begin by dreaming big, writing down all of your hopes, wishes and plans for your life. These are divided into monthly, yearly and lifelong goals. Then, you narrow down each one into actionable tasks. What do you actually need to do to ‘Get Fit’ or ‘Have a Successful Business?’ Large goals are too vague, which results in them not getting started, or finished. The Passion Planner helps you break down your dreams to the point where you know exactly what you need to do, every minute of the day, in order to reach them. It also includes space to doodle, motivational quotes and other content to help improve your life.

Angelia has grown Passion Planner from a girl in a garage idea into a worldwide success, and each year she improves upon the product and her company’s impact on the globe. They have a gifting program, so with each planner sold they donate one to someone in need.

A few days ago I was thrilled to open their newsletter and see that this year they are introducing an eco planner, a reusable cover with their signature paper planner booklet. The faux leather covers are one of my favorite parts of the planner. They come in many colors and designs, which makes getting to work every day way more fun.

Since I started using a Passion Planner three years ago I have launched two businesses, started this blog, gone from an over-medicated, zombie version of myself to a medication free, happy and productive member of society. My work, relationships and health have all improved and I’m on track to achieve all my life’s dreams. As someone who has a lot of thoughts and ideas and tends to get overwhelmed with all that I want to accomplish, focusing on what I need to be doing each moment has been crucial to my success.


In January I spent a week working at the Passion Lab, a coworking space in Ubud, Bali sponsored by Passion Planner. When in Ubud, definitely check it out.

Passion Planner just launched their annual Kickstarter where you can pre-order your planner for 2018. Get yours now.


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  1. Irma August 3, 2017 5:07 pm

    This sounds like a great organizational tool! My journal is a hodge-podge of random writings, but the alpha in me loves anything that can help me stay tidy. I also like the “Good Things That Happened” and the idea of combining the planner with a gratitude journal area. I never understood the purpose of a journal until I started writing everything that I felt in it. Now I cannot live without one!

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